Alexander Zeitler

Alexander Zeitler

I'm printing out websites - you might want to do it, too

Published on Saturday, April 1, 2023

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

I'm printing out websites on purpose.

This may sound like an April Fool's joke, but I'm serious.

But I don't print them on paper, I print them as PDF files for the following reasons:

I'm using Logseq as a "second brain".

Logseq comes with a ton of useful features and one of them are PDF annotations.

Here's the official video demoing the feature:

Logseq to me by far is the most comfortable way to annotate websites across multiple computers and integrate them with my existing knowledge graph - if you print them to PDF and import them to Logseq.

Another win of this method: I won't loose the information if the website with the post goes dark at some point in time...

The workflow

Open an arbitrary blog post or article you want to annotate:

Next, I'm activating Firefox Reader mode:

Then, I'm calling the Print dialog and disable printing headers and footers:

And finally, I can just drag and drop the PDF file into my Logseq page created for this post and start highlighting and annotating.

How do you annotate and highlight websites?

What are your thoughts about "I'm printing out websites - you might want to do it, too"?
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