Alexander Zeitler

Hi, my name is Alexander Zeitler and I live in Karlsruhe, Germany.


As a passionated developer I love to create outstanding solutions for the web and mobile platforms since 1994.

After creating my first website in 1994, I decided to start my first own company in 1995 which was all about web development in these early days. I also ran my first startup in 1997 based on Microsoft ASP and SQL Server technology.

Once moving from bavaria to Karlsruhe in 1999, I worked as an inhouse .NET developer in the mechanical engineering and construction sector where I've build distributed systems, tons of web applications and SolidWorks APIs.

In 2009 I decided to be self-employed again and started my current company where I help my customers shipping successful software solutions.

In contrast to my 90's business, nowadays I'm also highly interested in entrepreneurship, LEAN startup, new business models and ideas.

If you think we should do some great things together, just drop me a line.

alexander.zeitler [at]

Below you can find my posts I've written since 2003.