Alexander Zeitler

Alexander Zeitler

Exporting and importing Live Templates in JetBrains Rider

Published on Monday, April 3, 2023

I love JetBrains Rider and I'm using it on every Platform: Xubuntu, macOS and Windows. That's great a great experience but sharing Live Templates between the platforms is a bit tricky.

Things might be easier if you're using JetBrains sync but I'm using the repository sync for ages now....

The obvious option might be to use the "Save" button in the "Live Template" settings. However, if this would work, I wouldn't write this post.

The aforementioned option only export none .NET live templates.

So how do we do it for C# (and F# I guess)?


First, open the "Manage Layers" dialog - I'm doing this via the Actions Panel (double shift keyboard shortcut). Then right click "This computer" (or where ever you want to export the live templates from) and select "Export to File...":

Manage Layers dialog

Then tick the checkbox "Live Templates":

Exporting the Live Templates

Next, assign a file name and you're done with exporting.


Bring up the "Manage Layers" dialog again and select "Import from" ➡️ "Import from File..."

Select import from File

Select a file containing exported Live Templates:

Select file to import

Tick the "LiveTemplates" checkbox

Tick the Live Templates checkbox

And we're done 💥️

Just double check the templates have been imported:

double check the templates have been imported

What are your thoughts about "Exporting and importing Live Templates in JetBrains Rider"?
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