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Alexander Zeitler

Annotating and highlighting epub using Logseq

Published on Monday, April 10, 2023

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Taking notes from a book

When possible, I'm trying to read books in epub format or as printed books. Most of my notes and journals live in Logseq.

So I was asking myself: "How could I bring my ebook highlights and notes to Logseq?"

While it isn't possible right now to load epub files into Logseq like you can do with PDF files, it is possible to reference your calibre notes and highlights - here's how:

First, highlight a section in a book and maybe also jot down some notes in a book using calibre:

Next, click the "Export" button at the bottom right and select "Markdown":

Now, click the "Copy to clipboard" button and paste the clipboard into your Logseq page:

As you can see, the highlighted section and the notes taken are now in your Logseq page for the book.

Did you spot the link 10.04.23 17:19? That's a deep link to your notes in calibre.

If you click the link, the book will be opened in calibre at the highlighted section. Neat, isn't it?

Of course, you could also convert the whole book to PDF using calibre and use the PDF annotation workflow I described recently.

Another option could also be to just automate the whole stuff by reading the metadata.opf calibre file and push it to your Logseq markdown files...

What are your thoughts about "Annotating and highlighting epub using Logseq"?
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