WCF Load Test Tool

Written on February 25, 2008

Auf CodePlex ist das WCF Load Test Tool verfügbar, das basierend auf einem WCF trace file, einem WCF Client proxy oder einem WCF Interface contract einen Unit-Test erstellt und diesen basierend auf der Abfolge von Methoden-Aufrufen, die im trace file stehen, ausführt.

Das Tool erzeugt Code für Visual Studio 2005 und 2008.

Aktuell sind folgende Features vorhanden:

  • Replay of captured scenario in a unit test that can be included in a load test.
  • Support for the DataContractSerializer.
  • Support for message contracts.
  • Support for proxies generated using svcutil.
  • Support for clients that create proxies at run time from contract interfaces.
  • Supports calls to multiple services in a single scenario.
  • Supports multiple calls to the same service operation.
  • Filtering by SOAP action of which messages in the trace to replay.
  • Readable and modifiable code is generated.
  • Automatic association of trace message with proxy method (requires all operations to have a unique SOAP action).
  • Support for client and server side traces.
  • A command line tool for processing traces and generating code.
  • Visual Studio 2005/2008 integration (Team Developer, Team Test, Team Suite and for 2008 also Professional)) that can be used instead of the command line tool.