Top Ten ASP.NET Tips and Traps

Written on September 20, 2006

Scott Mitchell hat eine Liste der Top Ten ASP.NET Tips und Tücken bzw. Fallen aufgestellt:

  • Caching

    • TIP: Use SQL Cache Dependencies
    • TIP: Use HttpContext.Items as a Per-Request Cache
    • TRAP: Avoid a Common Caching Race Condition
  • Performance

    • TIP: Improve Paging Performance with Custom Paging
    • TIP: Disable View State (Where Appropriate) to Reduce Page Bloat
  • Client-Side

    • TIP: Know the Client-Side Enhancements in ASP.NET 2.0
    • TRAP: Beware Broken Links and Images in Master Pages
  • Design-Time

    • TIP: Master Visual Studio 2005's Enhancements
    • TIP: Use Reflector to Explore Framework Code
    • TRAP: When Using Membership, Don't Forget to Set applicationName