PowerToys for the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer and Distributed System Designers

Written on May 18, 2005

Das Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer Team hat das erste Release der PowerToys für den Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer veröffentlicht.

Folgende erweiterte Features wurden implementiert:

  • Design Tools Enhancements

Diagram Search

  • Formatting Commands

Floating Property Grid

  • Pan/Zoom Window

Design Surface Scrolling Improvements

  • Create Comments with Double-Click

Design Surface Grid

  • Class Designer Enhancements

Export Diagrams for Web

  • Display Xml Comment Command

Documentation Tool Window

  • Filtering Appearance

Filtering Lines

  • Filtering Members

MSDN Help on System Types

  • Fast Navigation

Interface Lollipop Labels Commands

  • Inheritance Visualization Commands

Show Type Command

  • Association and Inheritance Line Dongles

Create Tests Command

  • Type Creation Commands

Add Member Commands

  • Synchronization with Code Definition Window

View Class Diagram Command Improvements

  • Creating Custom Add-ins

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