PDC05: Breakout Videos Now Online

Written on October 26, 2005

"If posting the hands-on labs wasn't enough, we've just hit the big red button on the session breakout content itself. Head over to the PDC05 post-show website to view all the sessions from the event. For each session, you can see both the presenter video and the slide / demo screens, and you can even right-click on the talking head video to increase the speed - viewing the sessions at a 1.6x speed is an intense, Matrix-style learning experience! (Site is looking a bit slow right now, but keep it bookmarked - it's already starting to get swamped.) We'll be mailing out this same content to attendees on DVD, so you can watch it at your leisure, and you can buy it on DVD to share around your office even if you didn't attend by visiting this site.

Some great, highly-rated Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Vista sessions that are worth a repeat viewing:

PRS305: A Lap around Windows Presentation Foundation (Rob Relyea)
PRS313: Integrating WPF with your Win32 / MFC Application (Nick Kramer)
PRS317: Beautiful Code, Beautiful Design (Robby Ingebretsen)
PRS319: Building Applications that Look Great in Windows Vista (Tjeerd Hoek and Jeff Pettiross)
PRS324: Using Data in Your WPF Applications (Namita Gupta)
These are just my personal picks, not an exhaustive list. The team did an incredible job of preparing and polishing their content - most people have no idea how many sleepless nights and soul-searching dry run sessions were needed to make this happen."

via Tim Sneath