Neuer Prism Drop und PrismContrib Project

Written on April 17, 2008

Microsoft hat unter einen neuen Drop von Prism veröffentlicht.

Verbesserungen sind:

  • Enabled TFS Integration for releases
  • IMetadataInfo removed from the Prism framework. The application developer is now responsible for providing a model in order for the headers to bind to. We provide guidance on how to accomplish this in the RI though. Reason: flexibility.
  • MultiDispatchCommand renamed to CompositeCommand
  • DelegateCommand is now generic for compile time check of the parameter type (not at the XAML level though)
  • Bootstrapper refactored for unit testing. Added module initialize.
  • Random market feeds updates the UI continuously.
  • Ability to add named views to regions that you can easily retrieve later.
  • Added logger interface and default enterprise libary logger implementation
  • Several more refactorings and consistency fixes (lots!).
  • New UI Composition QuickStart. Demonstrates shell, global, local regions, and views. Note: This Quickstart uses a branch of the Prism framework source. We will be merging into the main.

Außerdem wurde das PrismContrib Project gestartet, das es der Community ermöglicht, Prism zu erweitern und die Änderungen bereitzustellen.

Geplant sind derzeit

  • SilverlightAG - Prism for Silverlight
  • Prism Extensions - Add-on commands, services, regions, etc to aid you in your Prism development