If business is from Mars, then IT is from Venus

Written on July 17, 2006

"Readings on Service Orientation" ist ein PDF-Dokument mehrerer Microsoft Architekten zu verschiedenen Themen der Software-Entwicklung unter dem Aspekt der Service-Orientierung:

Design and Modeling: Aligning Business and IT

  • Introduction
  • A Business-Oriented Foundation for Service Orientation
  • Modeling Languages for Distributed Applications
  • The Case for Software Factories
  • Design and Implementation of a Software Factory
  • Understanding the System Definition ModelData: Information Management for Services
  • Introduction
  • Entity Aggregation
  • Data on the Outside versus Data on the InsideProcess: Services Composition and Consumption
  • Introduction
  • Dealing with Concurrency: Designing Interaction Between Services and Their Agents
  • Choosing the Right Presentation Layer Architecture
  • Build Applications on a Workflow Platform
  • Of People, Processes and ProgramsIdentity: Who are you? Can you use my service?
  • Introduction
  • The Laws of Identity
  • Microsoft's Vision for an Identity Metasystem
  • Identity and Access Management

Protocols and Practice: Services-based Infrastructure

  • Introduction
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Choosing Alternate Transports for Web Services
  • Principles of Service Design: Service Versioning