Enterprise Library - next generation Application Building Blocks

Written on November 06, 2004

Microsoft hat die sog. Enterprise Library angekÞndigt. Diese stellt im ersten Schritt eine Library dar, die die bisherigen Application Blocks von Microsoft in eben dieser Library vereint.

Folgende Vorteile sieht Microsoft in dieser Library:

  • Consistency -- all Application Blocks will feature consistent design patterns and implementation approaches, configuration mechanisms, documentation, samples, deployment and operational processes.
  • Extensibility -- developers will be able to customize the behavior of the blocks by 'plugging in' their own code into extensibility points or by modifying the blocks' source code. Enterprise Library will also ship with guidance to assist developers with building their own blocks that integrate with the Library.
  • Ease of Use -- we're making many usability improvements which will make it much easier to evaluate, install, learn, configure and develop with the blocks.
  • Integration -- the Application Blocks are designed and tested to work well together or individually.

Wie bereits die Application Blocks, liegt auch die Enterprise Library in einem GotDotNet-Workspace.