Written on May 10, 2005

DotMSN ist eine Open Source .NET Class Library, die Connectivity zum MSN Messenger bereitstellt.


  • Connecting / disconnecting with the MSN Messenger service
  • Setting presence status
  • Event-based design to notify contact presence status changes
  • Personal data of a contact
  • Owner profile details
  • Automatically synchronizes contact lists and keeps contactlist data up to date
  • Creating and changing contactgroups
  • Convenient enumerating through contacts in different lists
  • Request or receive conversations
  • Multiple users in one conversation
  • Sending and receiving decorated text messages
  • Sending typing messages
  • Privacy settings of the contactlist owner
  • Hotmail mailbox status
  • Notifications of new mail
  • Flexible tracing of warnings and errors
  • File transfers
  • User display images
  • Proxy support and custom servers
  • P2P framework support
  • Custom extendable DotMSN framework
  • MSNP9 protocol
  • Source code provided