CruiseControl.NET 1.0 RC1 Released

Written on August 19, 2005

This monday, the RC 1 of CruiseControl.NET has been released.

There are some big 'top level' changes in this release:

  • CCTray has been completely re-written. The version that ships with 1.0 has configuration files that are incompatible with those used by prior releases. In other words, throw away all your old CCTrays, and use the new one. CCTray now ships with its own installer which you can distribute to anyone who wants to monitor your build server.
  • The new CCTray has many more features than the old, and is much better for organisations or teams with multiple projects or build servers.
  • CruiseControl.NET now has native MSBuild support for .NET 2 . Even if you call MSBuild from a NAnt script rather than CruiseControl.NET directly you'll want to look into using the CruiseControl.NET MSBuild XMLLogger and the MSBuild XSL files.
  • The old (single project) web application has been deleted, and CCNet now only ships with the Web Dashboard.
  • The main CCNet installer now ships with just the Build Server and Web Dashboard - use the separate CCTray installer for CCTray.
  • Integration Properties (passed to NAnt, for example) have been changed to be CamelCased rather than period.separated so you may need to update your build scripts. These properties are now also passed through the and tasks.