Creating SQL Server 2005 database diagrams using Visio 2003

Written on October 14, 2005

Today I tried to create a SQL Server 2005 Diagram using Microsoft Office Visio 2003. But when calling the Reverse Engineering command using the SQL Server / SQL Native Client for SQL Server 2005 I got the following error message:

After googling a for a while I read about a Visio 2005 for Enterprise Architects beta (when participating in the VS 2005 beta program), but I also read some posts that it expired already.

But I found another solution that works fine with Visio 2003:

Instead of using the SQL Server / SQL Native Client I'm using the Generic OLE DB Provider:

After clicking "Next", I'm selecting the SQL Native Client which I'm configuring as I used to do it before:

Then I click the "Next" button

After clicking "OK" I can select the desired database objects being displayed in the diagram - et voila: