CodeSmith 4.0 verfügbar

Written on November 09, 2006

Seit einigen Tagen ist CodeSmith 4.0 verfügbar.

Neue Features unter anderem:

  • CodeSmith Projects (.csp) - This feature makes automating your code generation process really easy and consistent whether you are working from inside of Visual Studio 2005, MSBuild, Windows Explorer, a command line / batch file, or CodeSmith itself.

  • ActiveSnippets - Imagine Visual Studio 2005 snippets, but with the full power of CodeSmith available to execute any logic or access any complex metadata (including database schema and xml data) to control the output of your snippets.

  • CodeSmith Maps (.csmap) - This feature will allow you to create dictionary style maps of things like SQL to C# data type mappings.

  • .netTiers 2.0 - The .netTiers templates have been greatly enhanced and included with CodeSmith 4.0.

  • Extended Property Management - You can now edit and add new schema extended properties inside of CodeSmith Studio.

  • Property Persistence - CodeSmith now remembers the property values from the last time you executed a template.