Atlas Control Toolkit verfügbar

Written on April 13, 2006

The "Atlas" Control Toolkit is a collection of samples and components that makes it easier then ever to build and consume rich client-side "Atlas" controls and extenders. The toolkit provides both ready to go samples and a powerful SDK to simplify the creation and re-use of your own custom controls and extenders.

Inside the toolkit you will find:

  • A rich set of sample controls and extenders that make spicing up your Website with rich functionality a snap. Everything you need to get started is inside including full source code, documentation, and more!
  • An easy to use SDK that simplifies the process of writing "Atlas" components.

In the "Atlas" Control Toolkit, you'll find the following controls and extenders (click the links to see them in action!):

  • CascadingDropDown: Easily link drop downs, complete with asynchronous population and no postbacks!

  • CollaspiblePanel: This extender allows panels on your page to collapse and expand with no code.

  • ConfirmButton: This extender adds a confirm dialog to any Button, LinkButton, or ImageButton control.

  • DragPanel: Makes any panel into an object that you can drag around the page.

  • HoverMenu: Allows UI to pop up next to a control when the user hovers over it.

  • PopupControl: This extender turns any panel into a popup.

  • ReorderList: This control is a full-featured data-bound control that allows its elements to be reordered on the client via drag and drop.

  • TextBoxWatermark: This extender adds "watermark" prompt text to TextBoxes on the page.

  • ToggleButton: This extender turns an ASP.NET CheckBox into an image checkbox.

via Chris@glengamoi